Social media group sessions


Join me at various local venues in Northridge to learn social media marketing for your business. 

The LLC Academy is an 11 course polypreneur developement Academy, I will go thru one module per workshop.

A Polyprenuer is a person who has created multiple streams of income from his or her purpose or hobbies. 

Course #1 "What do you want, and what's the plan"

Let me help you monetize and market all your talents and gifts.

Full Course Curriculum 
1- "What do you want and what's the plan" 

2- "Social Media 101" 

3- "Follow Foundation" 

4- "Marketing Squares" 

5- "Hashtags" 

6- "2 Minute Instagram Routine" 

7- "Facebook 101" 

8- "Facebook Scheduled" 

9- "Live Streaming 101" 

10- "Social Media Roadmapping" 

11- "Become a 7 Day Social Media Strategist" 

12- "Proximity Marketing 101"

In between each course there is homework and "Now work" which is customized to each of you individually