Leah the life coach

I am a motivational/Keynote speaker, and life coach. I will reach the hearts of your audience to motivate and inspire success. They will leave feeling empowered and renewed with great practical steps that will guide them to accomplish their goals.

As your life coach I will support you, motivate you, and hold you accountable to achieving your vision for yourself. Start here, start somewhere else, start anywhere, just be sure to start and don't stop until you have mastered the skill to your desired level.

Join The LLC Academy

The LLC Academy is a business growth development academy, that uses social media marketing training to grow your business.

Enroll in The LLC Academy online or In person, on my time or your time.

Online is done in an secret Facebook group via live stream on specified dates. You will be able to refer back to the videos at your convenience.

The LLC Academy is an 11 course polypreneur developement Academy.

A Polyprenuer is a person who has created multiple streams of income from his or her purpose or hobbies.

Course #1 "What do you want, and what's the plan"

Let me help you monetize and market all your talents and gifts.

Leah The Life Coach